Cover Art & Illustrations [Commission]

Being a freelancer isn’t always easy.  In fact, most of the time, being self-employed is a lot harder than working for a studio. But despite all of the hardships that come from being my own boss, the benefit is that I get to sometimes work on fun and interesting projects.

Here are a few examples of the various cover art and illustrative projects I’ve worked on over the years. The earlier works (2014) were created in Open Canvas when I wasn’t very good with digital artwork yet. I have since improved a lot and mostly use Adobe Photoshop, which is a much more versatile program.

Drew Scott Cover
© 2015 Tammy Witzens/Drew Scott

Cover for unpublished work Tales From Tomorrow’s Past by former author Drew Scott.
Adobe Photoshop & Open Canvas

**There are a few more illustrative pieces that belong to this folder, but I’m have a few technical difficulties uploading them. This gallery will be complete as soon as I fix the bug.


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