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Tammy Witzens is a fresh science fiction novelist. Tammy has been accused of witchcraft, but also does freelance art. Tammy grew up in the middle of the desert by a small town in southern Arizona, with no electricity for some years, and raised by a pack of German Shepherds. Tammy spent that time away from social media and technology to become an artist. Aside from working on the next book, Tammy is currently working on a degree in astronautical engineering…because: rocket science.

This website is a gallery for all of the different art series and doodles Tammy has completed over the years.

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Tammy is also the proud creator of the Junk Rockets Project–a fun and witty picture-book way of explaining basic mechanical systems.


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If you’re into witty science fiction adventures that don’t take themselves too seriously,  Tammy’s Power Continuum Series on Amazon is like a mash-up of a  Terry Gilliam movie, Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide; a refreshing blend of science fiction, comedy, and satire! Both e-books and paperbacks are available. Tammy’s always open to honest reviews, feedback, and discussions–so check out her Goodreads Author Page, too!


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If you like what you see here, check out more of Tammy’s Portfolio on Behance. Tammy has a more complete online portfolio with all of her work, including examples of commercial illustrations she’s completed for clients!

Tammy also makes her artwork available as gallery quality Giclée print on ultra smooth, 100% archival cotton paper and select other merchandise at Tammy Witznes on Society6!


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